Jonathan Brink

Jonathan Brink’s musical curiosity dawned at a young age and lead to classical training in a range of instruments. As the musician’s passion evolved with his education, his articulation flowed into the electronic genres. The artist appears as a contemporary Orpheus, inviting his listeners to move fluidly between the dark spaces of techno and house.

Jonathan applies his unique prowess in taste on his monthly radio show “A Piece of Heaven”. Hosted on the well-regarded Pure.FM, the enigmatic broadcast enjoys consistent live streaming and post-airing podcast plays. Over two years, the artist has hosted appearances by an impressive list of feature creatures including PROFF, David Folkebrant and meHiLove.

The musician’s native Finland infuses his production work charmingly. 2013’s “Unnecessary” on NRG Dance Records evokes a glacial cyberpunk world. 2015 heralds a return to releases for the producer – both his scheduled originals and remixes are warmly anticipated. This year, the artist explores emotional daring within the paradoxical spaces of his homeland – from the eerily seraphic, to enchanted forests whispering with dark spirits.

After accruing a range of smaller parties, Jonathan looks to the horizon, and to new experiences introducing bigger audiences to his enchantingly orphic sets.